Sunday, May 29, 2011

I Won!!!

I just found out that I won first prize in Newmarket/Aurora District's Community Living 4th Annual All Ages Poetry Contest. The theme was "Family Memories". As Passover was upon us, I wrote about Passover, the seders I used to plan when I was little and how we are sharing those traditions with our children. Of more value than the Vaughan Mills gift card I win is the right to brag that I won this contest. It renews the fight in me that makes me say: I will get published.

The still-as-of-yet-unpublished third novel in the Molly series is progressing well. I still haven't figured out it's identity yet, whether it is sci-fi, detective, or somewhere in-between. If I can smoothly meld the two stories together, I think I can work it out. This novel represents my best writing ever. I have no problem writing, but the story's the thing. If I can make the story work, and make it interesting enough, I think I will be okay.

I just finished reading the 6th (I think) Sookie Stackhouse novel. I absolutely loved the first five that I read and I love the television series, but as I read, I realized that there's a whole lot more telling going on in the story than showing. The thing that keeps the story moving forward is a lot of eccentric characters, a little bit of sex, and a whole lot of danger.

What perils can I place my characters in, I wonder?

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